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Tyrone Rimbert -

The New Kid on the Block

The newest member of the Legacy Board , Tyrone Rimbert joined the Board of Directors in 2014. As an avid cyclist, Rimbert was familiar with the Leadville Race Series events and was excited to serve alongside Carl and John.  He has raced the LT100 MTB 6 times, with 2 big buckles to his name and has represented Cycles of Life (Leadville’s best bike shop) with 3 wins in the team division of the Leadville Stage Race, along with a couple entries in the Silver Rush 50 MTB.

While he wasn’t born in the Silver City, Rimbert grew up in Leadville.  He moved away for a few years after high school, heading off to discover some new adventures on the west coast.  He came back to in 2000 to partner in the 42 year old family business and rediscover what his own community had to offer.

As a small business owner Tyrone has a unique perspective on the challenges of living in a small town like Leadville.  And he’s also able to appreciate the opportunities those challenges can present you with.  “As the owner of a business in Leadville I know the huge impact the Leadville Race Series events have on my business and the town’s economy.  The great part about being on the Legacy Foundation Board is that I also get to see first hand the impact the athlete donations have on the students and programs within our community.”

The most satisfying part for Rimbert comes from the Foundation’s support of the students at Lake County HS and Colorado Mountain College – Leadville.  “I am proud of how the Legacy Foundation really believes in giving our local kids a leg up in their pursuit of higher education.  A lot of kids in nearby communities don’t have that kind of support, and it is only because of the races that it’s possible.”