Happy New Year!

The Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation, along with the Leadville Race Series, is proud to be the newest members of the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation, EDC, in 2018! Along with our membership we are excited to announce a new opportunity for local businesses! The Legacy Foundation will be offering a challenge match opportunity for businesses to join the EDC as individual level members at half the normal cost of membership from now until June of 2018.

This is an effort to boost and continue the momentum of the local economics in Lake County. The goal in partnering with the EDC is to help reduce the cost of local businesses wishing to take advantage of the activities and services offered by the EDC for 2018. We will offer up to $2,500 in addition to our $5,000 membership investment so that new members to the EDC can join at half of the normal cost for their first year.

Some of those core services from the EDC include a new public wifi network downtown, continued free business assistance through the SCORE program, assistance in finding and negotiating business locations and implementation of their Business Retention and Expansion program.  Membership allows businesses to be a part of the discussion and decisions about how to create a sustainable economic future for Lake County and the actions to achieve that necessary goal. 

Check out the article in our local Herald Democrat and the Leadville Lake County EDC!

If you are a local business or individual hoping to become a member of the EDC and wish to take advantage of our offer please reach out to the EDC Director, Mike Bordogna director@lakecountyedc.com, 719-293-2316