"When you cross the finish line at Leadville, Merilee greets you with a hug, a medal and a 'welcome home'.  It’s that last part, the 'welcome home' that always puts a lump in my throat.  Every damn time.  The support and friendship from our Leadville 100 family . . . Ken, Merilee, the runners, the crews, the volunteers . . . has enriched our lives more than we could ever repay.  Our support of the Leadville Trail Legacy 100 Foundation and the great work they do for the kids and families in the Leadville community is one small way for us to give back.  Looking forward to another 'welcome home' in August 2018!"

We can't wait to welcome Eric home again as her crosses that finish line. He has once again astounded us and signed up to be a part of our Legacy Team! Eric, thank you, your family, and crew for continuously supporting the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation. Your LT100 Charity Slot registrations allow us to continue our Trail 100 Scholarships, community grant cycles, and annual giving. For that, we are truly grateful. 

If you too wish to take part in the Legacy's LT100 Charity Slot program check out our website for further details, www.leadvilletrail100legacy.org/lt100-charity-slot or reach out to Abby Long at leadvilletrail100legacy@gmail.com. We are honored by those who choose to take part in the legendary LT100's through our Charity Slot Program as part of the Legacy Team. Thank you.