The famous Tabor Family's Matchless Mine, now owned by Leadville's National Mining Hall of Fame, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The headframe of the Matchless Mine is in dire need of rehabilitation. The 125-year-old headframe was the tall wooden structure used to raise and lower miners and materials in the mine shaft. It has weathered many Leadville winters, but is in danger of collapse. If the headframe collapses, it will decrease the appeal of one of Lake County’s important cultural tourism destinations.

The National Mining Hall of Fame needs help to preserve the legend of Baby Doe Tabor and this iconic mine by repairing the headframe, a critical part of this landmark. 

The Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation believes the restoration of the Matchless Mine coincides with our mission of supporting a better, brighter tomorrow, while respecting and maintaining our mining heritage. We have proudly donated $2,500.00 to the headframe efforts, however more funds are needed! Please consider a donation to help preserve Leadville's history.