Legacy Grants

The purpose of the ‘Legacy Grants’ program is to help build a Legacy that the Lake County community can enjoy and benefit from for years to come.  Our goal is to support local initiatives, that are focused on building a better Leadville and Lake Co.

Our Mission and Core Values guide our funding decisions. We look to support requests that are in alignment with these values and advance the Legacy Foundation’s mission.


To support the needs of the Leadville, Lake County community and build a better, brighter tomorrow, while respecting our mining heritage.

Core Values:

  • Education – we support partnerships that motivate Leadville Lake County youth to further themselves through educational opportunities.

  • Community – we support ideas and participate in initiatives with other Leadville Lake County partners, that benefit the greater good of the town.

  • Economic Viability – we are committed to ensuring a thriving economy for our town, and value ideals that pursue economic success and prosperity.

  • Recreation – we value the benefits of recreation in promoting and encouraging a quality, healthy life for our Leadville Lake county community.

  • Our Legacy – we appreciate and value the mining history that got us here.   We understand it is an important part of the culture of the town and what makes Leadville unique.

Grant Request Guidelines

We will consider and review all applications submitted.  Legacy Grant requests for the following types of funding are more likely to be successful.

  • Requests that directly contribute to the success of Leadville Race Series events.

  • Capital improvements and one-time purchases or expenses.

  • Emergent/Unexpected issues that create a significant financial burden to the success of a program.

  • Educational opportunities outside of traditional programs and scholarships.

  • Money that leverages other funding requests, by showing community support.

  • Seed money to get new initiatives up and running.  note: request must include detailed business plan with proof of financial sustainability beyond Legacy Foundation funding.

  • Community promotions and campaigns that spread a positive message about Leadville/Lake Co.

With a goal to build a Legacy for Lake Co. we support entities who are working to be sustainable under their own efforts and fiscal management.  With this in mind we typically do not support requests for the following funding.

  • Ongoing program support.

  • Salaries for staff.

  • General operating expenses.

  • Routine maintenance and repair.

  • Pass through funding requests.

  • New initiatives without evidence of sustainable business plan.

  • For profit programs or projects.

Who can apply?

Individuals or non-profit groups with a request that meets the goals of the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation are eligible to apply.  All those who apply must be based in Lake County, Colorado and be applying for a project that will benefit Lake County, Colorado. 

*Youth initiatives must include the name of an adult who is responsible for the project.

 Other Eligibility Requirements

Legacy Grant applications:

  • Must comply with all relevant laws and ordinances.

  • Must have a measurable outcome that can be evaluated.

  • Funds may not be used as a means of generating profit.

  • Only one request per current project (no requests for completed projects). 

  • Only 1 award of funds per year.  Max of two grant requests per year.

  • Any construction project requests must include at least 2 bids.

  • We prefer initiatives to support local vendors and businesses where possible.

  • Should show some self-funding or internal contribution or funding support from other sources.


Applicants are encouraged to apply for the amount they need to support or complete their project, though Legacy Grants are typically capped at $5000.  Requests may gain full, partial or no funding. 

Submission Dates

Legacy Grant applications are due 2 weeks prior to the Legacy Foundation quarterly Board Meeting. Upcoming Grant application deadlines are

  • March 27th 2019

  • June 26th 2019

  • Sept 25th 2019

  • December 25th 2019 – For Jan 2020 Board Meeting.

Application Review

All applications are evaluated by the Legacy Foundation Executive Director to ensure applications are complete and meet the requirements.  Grant requests will then be reviewed and awarded, as deemed appropriate, by the Legacy Foundation Board.

Applicants should reserve the appropriate Legacy Board meeting date to present their initiative. Applicants will be asked to present only if the Legacy Board require further information.

Applicants will be notified of their funding status no later than 1 week following the Legacy Board meeting date, unless notified of a delay.

Requirements for successful grant recipients

  • Express thanks to the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation and Leadville Race Series in a letter, article or editorial in the Herald Democrat and Leadville Today, indicating what the specific funds will be used for.

  • Create a Facebook and/or Instagram post celebrating the successful grant application, tagging Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation and Leadville Race Series, and indicating what the specific funds will be used for.

  • Schedule time for a ‘photo opp’ with the Legacy Executive Director and Board.

  • Complete an Evaluation Report of the project within one year of receiving funds.  Where possible, share photos of the project once underway and when completed.

  • Where possible provide recognition of the Legacy Foundation and Leadville Race Series through signage, plaque or placard.

  • And it’s also a nice touch to send a thank you letter to the Board of Directors.


Please direct all questions and submit applications to Veronica Rimbert, Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation Executive Director, leadvilletrail100legacy@gmail.com

How to Apply

All requests for funding must be submitted by the appropriate deadline and include the information listed below.  Click on the sample cover page below to download the complete application.

  • Cover Page

  • Project Description

  • Budget

  • Work Plan

  • Evaluation Report (Within 1 year of receiving funds. See Requirements for Awarded Recipients below)